How long does it take to make?

An interesting question arose the other day – how long does it take to produce one of my sculptures. I often get asked this and always struggle to give an answer. The question is genuine and how most people make a value judgement.

So this week I began a new series of work; the original idea was formed whilst stewarding in the SCS gallery on the 8th May, 2010. The four pages of sketches have been working, curing, evolving in my brain ever since. Every now and then a piece of news returned the ideas to the front of my mind. So I am now putting those ideas down into a finished artwork, which will be shown when ready. When I come to work out the price (and answer the original question) how much of the intervening nearly six years do I include? This is why I find it hard to answer ‘How long did it take to make’


Suffolk Craft Society Summer Show

The summer show in the Peter Pears gallery, Aldeburgh starts this Saturday 11th and runs until 24th August. There are lots of lovely pieces of artwork to be seen and bought. I have four pieces in, these are a couple of them.069Ald 2015 publicity


2013_08310003 2013_11100002 004 053 angel 004 Angel3This piece of sculpture has been in my head for a number of years since it was rejected as too modern for a project I worked on in Germany some years ago. Along with all the other work this year I finally managed to carve him. These are a collection of photographs, starting from the original block of Lincoln Limestone I bought from the Cathedral quarry.

Finished Altarpiece

Altar 050Altar 038Now installed at St. George’s Church Great Bromley, Essex. It was put in some weeks ago but I have been so busy on other jobs that I only returned last week to do the final tweeks and take some photos.
Yesterday was my first day back carving in my workshop for many weeks, Angel is coming along, new posts soon.